Some publications involving our group at Institut Pasteur

2019 Virus Evolution, Henningsson et al: This is a big collaboration with the applied mathematics team of Magnus Fontes on developing a new pipeline to visualize and monitor RNA virus evolution.

2019 VIruses, Roesch et al: A review by our postdoc Ferdinand Roesch of what we know on Usutu virus, an emerging flavivirus. A collaboration with Gonzalo Moratorio’s lab in Uruguay.

2019 Journal of Virology, Carrau et al: Here is our PhD student Lucia Carrau’s work on changing the evolution of chikungunya virus as an approach to attenuate infection and block transmission.

2019 Nature Microbiology, Vignuzzi and Lopez: A review on defective viral genomes written with Prof. Carolina Lopez-Zalaquett, during her sabatical visit in our lab.

2019 Microorganisms, Levi and Vignuzzi: Our MD/PhD student Laura Levi’s review of emerging alphaviruses from a cllinical perspective.

2019 Bioinformatics, Braun et al: Our Israeli collaborators re-analyzed experimental data to identify context-dependent genetic adaptation within our viral populations.

2018 Front Microbiology, Barbezange et al: This is our postdoc Cyril’s work on analyzing the mutant swarms present in influenza virus clinical samples, collaboration with Sylvie van der Werf’s and Noam Shomron’s labs

2018 mSphere, Delang et al: A collaboration with Delang and Failloux labs on transmission of drug-resistant chikungunya viruses.

2018 Current Opinion in Virology, Rezelj et al: Veronica reviews recent literature in defective genomes and viral populations.

2018 Virus Evolution, Morley et al: A collaboration with Paul Turner’s lab on the 3’UTR of chikungunya virus.

2018 PLOS Pathogens, Moratorio and Vignuzzi: Gonzalo writes an opinion piece based on his work in rewiring virus evolution.

2018 PLOS NTD, Weger-Lucarelli et al: James’ review, with Erik Karlsson from Institut Pasteur Cambodia, on how nutrition may affect virus infection.

2018 Cell Host & Microbe, Poirier et al: Enzo's work with the Saleh lab that links Defective Genomes to the DNA form and insect immunity.

2017 Annual Reviews in Virology, Vignuzzi and Higgs: Our review on evolutionary convergence of chikungunya virus.

2017 Microbiol Mol Biol Reviews, Mounce et al: Our review with the Connor lab on viruses and polyamines.

2017 Nature Microbiology, Moratorio et al: Gonzalo shows how the evolution of a virus can be altered to its own detriment.

2017 Journal of Virology, Mounce et al: Bryan's work on how chikungunya overcomes polyamine depletion with resistance mutations.

2017 Current Opinion in Virology, Poirier and Vignuzzi: Enzo's thoughts on recent work in viral populations, quasispecies and defective genomes.

2017 Journal of Virology, Abdelnabi et al: Steph helped out in this work by Rana from the Delang and Neyts groups in Belgium on T705 effects on Coxsackie virus mutations.

2017 Journal of Virology, Shen et al: non human primate models for poliovirus research, by the Chen lab at UI Chicago

2017 Antiviral Research, Mounce et al: Bryan's put together this work while mentoring Master's student Teresa on developing her own research question - they found that Curcumin has antiviral effect on Zika and chikungunya viruses

2016 PLOS Pathogens, Troupin et al: Collaboration with the Bourhy lab on Rabies virus evolution

2016 Cell Death and Disease, El Ghouzzi et al: Collaboration on Zika virus and p53

2016 ACS Infectious Diseases, Zhang et al: A collaboration with the Chen lab at UIC on poliovirus antivirals

2016 Nature Communications, Goic, Stapleford et al: In this work by the Saleh lab, Bertsy and Kenny show that the DNA form of RNA viruses allows arbovirus persistence in mosquitoes

2016 Journal of Virology, Mounce et al: this is Bryan's follow-up work, a big collaboration with many labs, to show that polyamines are required by all RNA viruses

2016 Cell Host & Microbe, Mounce et al: Bryan's work showing that Interferon-induced Spermidine-Spermine Acetyltransferase affects chikungunya and Zika virus replication through polyamine depletion

2016 Journal of Virology, Sexton et al: collaboration with the Denison lab (Vanderbilt Univ.) showing that mutations in the coronavirus polymerase affect fidelity

2016 Journal of Biological Chemistry, McDonald et al: A collaborative work with the Peersen lab, describing a high fidelity, attenuated variant of Coxsackie virus

2016 Journal of Virology, Rodriguez-Roche et al: with our collaborators in IPK, Cuba, we find correlations between viral genetic variability and clinical severity during a Cuban epidemic of dengue

2016 PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Stapleford et al: we identify a new 3'UTR duplication, in the chikungunya strain that invaded the Americas, that helps the virus grow in mosquito cells, and provide the new infectious clone for research labs

2015 Journal of Virology, Poirier et al: Our PhD student Enzo uncovers a link between fidelity, recombination and defective interfering particles

2015 Journal of Virology, Stapleford, Rozen-Gagnon et al: our work showing that nsp2 helicase protein of alphaviruses also determine fidelity

2015 PLoS Pathogens, Joubert et al: collaboration with Albert lab

2015 PLoS Pathogens, Ezenwa et al: Collaborative Opinion piece from BIODIS consortium

2015 PLoS Pathogens, Borderia et al: Group contribution of minority variants in adaptation in vitro

2015 Journal of Virology, Smith et al: collaboration with Denison lab, Regulation of CoV Fidelity by nsp10

2015 Bioinformatics, Isakov et al: collaboration with Shomron lab on ViVAn pipeline, Deep sequencing analysis of viral populations

2015 Journal of Virology, Campagnola et al: collaboration with Peersen lab on Tuning RdRp fidelity

2015 PLoS One, Perez et al: collaboration with Perez/Panzera in Uruguay, Co-Infection and Recombination in Canine Parvovirus

2014 Cell Host & Microbe, Stapleford et al: In Vivo Evolution of Emerging Chikungunya Strains

2014 PLoS Pathogens, Rozen-Gagnon et al: Alphavirus Mutators Are Attenuated In Vivo

2013 PLoS Pathogens, Smith et al: collaboration with Denison lab, Lethal Mutagenesis of Coronaviruses

2012 PNAS, Gnädig, Beaucourt et al: Coxsackie virus mutators

2012 Current Opinion in Microbiology: Vignuzzi, Editorial Overview, issue on Virus:Host interactions

2014 Current Opinion in Virology, Beaucourt et al: Review on ribavirin and resistance

2012 Current Opinion in Virology, Vignuzzi and Andino: Editorial Overview, issue on Virus Evolution

2011 PNAS, Coffey et al: Chikungunya high-fidelity variant

2011 Journal of Virology, Graci, Gnädig et al: collaboration with Cameron lab, Mutational robustness of Picornaviruses

2011 Current Opinion in Virology, Borderia et al: Review on RNA virus diversity and cross-species transmission

2011 Journal of Visualized Experiments, Beaucourt et al: Methods on isolating and characterizing fidelity variants

2011 Journal of Virology, Coffey et Vignuzzi: Chikungunya virus evolution in vitro

2010 PLoS Pathogens, Levi et al: Coxsackie fidelity and amiloride compounds

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