Hello, we're the Vignuzzi Lab.

Basic science is at the heart of our work. We test concepts in evolution within the field of virology. We use cutting edge technologies and develop computational and experimental approaches to monitor, and potentially predict, virus evolution. We use what we learn, against them, in new vaccine and antiviral approaches.

We work with genetic mutations.

RNA viruses have the highest mutation rates in nature, many times higher than any other organism. These mutations underlie their incredible ability to escape immune responses, become resistant to antiviral treatments and rapidly evolve into different strains that can cause new epidemics. They mutate so quickly, that a single virus can create a cloud of mutants within hours. While we've known of this phenomenon for decades, we've lacked the technology to characterize it. Using high-resolution technologies and sophisticated experimental models, we combine molecular and mathematical approaches to tackle to the question: why do viruses make so many mutations and how do they evolve?

Themes in our research

The Pasteur Institute
Pasteur is a private foundation and research institute first established in 1887 by Louis Pasteur himself. The institute is home to thousands of scientists from every continent and background, coming together with common interests in biomedical sciences and infectious diseases. The institute’s campus in Paris is situated within the city itself, in the 15th arrondissement. The international network of Pasteur Institutes, adds to this hundreds of scientists working in over thirty centers across the globe. Please consult the website for detailed information.

Paris, France
Everything has been said about Paris, and everything is probably, at least in part, true. The city is a bustling metropolis in the center of the Ile de France region that is home to over 10 million people, a sixth of France’s population. As expected of a city of its size and history, it offers countless distractions no matter what your interests. Yet, despite its size, it is surprisingly easy to navigate, relax, breath and enjoy.

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