We study RNA virus evolution to predict,
prepare and prevent future epidemics. 


Marco Vignuzzi, PhD
Canada, Italy

Principal Investigator
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I love viruses, evolution and my lab members. I'm the guy that tries to motivate while keeping things light.

Cécile Limouzin

Administrative Assistant

I'm the lab's administrative assistant, I keep things organized, find bureaucratic fixes, and welcome new members to the team. I come from a Theatrical background, and be somewhat of a clown when needed.

Veronica Rezelj, PhD
Slovenia, Argentina

Postdoctoral Fellow
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After a PhD at the CVR in Glasgow, Scotland, I came to the Vignuzzi lab to continue studying arboviruses, evolution and replication mechanisms such as fidelity and recombination. Other likes? Cooking and Argentinian BBQ!


Maël Bessaud, PhD

Research Engineer and Director of the WHO Collaborative Centre for Enteroviruses and Viral Vaccines
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I study recombination in RNA viruses, especially within the enterovirus genus. I also run the World Health Organization Collaborative Centre for Enteroviruses and Viral Vaccines, working alongside other WHO-CCs to monitor and continue research on poliovirus, polio vaccines and other enteroviruses across the globe. Since 2019, our Centre has become part of the Vignuzzi lab, and together we expand our collaborative efforts to understand RNA virus evolution and antiviral approaches. Like Marco, I keep my team motivated with the right mix of hard work and clowning around.

Gonzalo Moratorio, PhD

Assistant Professor, secondary appointment
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I've since finished my postdoc in this lab, but cannot let go completely! I have my own lab at the Pasteur Institute of Montevideo, and keep a joint appointment at Pasteur Paris through this lab. Most importantly, I'm a football maniac and top supporter of my national team, Uruguay!

Hervé Blanc

Publications | Email

On land, I'm the lab's deep sequencing technician and in the water, I coach and compete in the national underwater hockey league.


Stéphanie Beaucourt

Lab Manager/Research Engineer
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I'm a research technician focusing on fidelity variants. I also act as lab manager and I love baking French pastries and chocolates for the lab.

Veronika Bernhauerova, PhD
Czech Republic

Postdoctoral Fellow
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I am a mathematician and ecologist, interested in studying infectious disease dynamics. I'm working on developing new tools to study virus evolution and use experimental models to address questions in viral ecology. I prefer being behind the lens, doing my own photography in my spare time.

Lucia Carrau

PhD Student, Postdoctoral fellow
Publications | Email

I was a student in the international PPU-Pasteur PhD Program, studying vaccine strategies based on evolutionary approaches. I'm just finishing up a fe experiments as a postdoc and will soon be off to my new postdoctoral position in NYC! I love all sports, especially field hockey, football and tennis!


Alice Mac Kain
France, Austria

PhD Student
Publications | Email | Twitter

I work on non replicative RNA recombination occurring in enteroviruses. My work began in Francis Delpeyroux's unit and carried over to the Vignuzzi lab when his unit closed for retirement and the WHO-CC team shifted to their new home. My work overlaps perfectly with other studies in recombination being carried out on other viruses in the Vignuzzi lab. When I'm not deep into work, I'm stretching my team members patience to their limit, especially my PhD supervisor Maël!

Thomas Vallet

Publications | Email | Twitter

I deep sequence everything and anything for the evolution projects in our lab. I'm also the lab's resident artist - so French!

Björn Meyer

Postdoctoral Fellow
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I'm interested in enterovirus evolution and synergy/antagonism and other interactions during co-infection. But I love arenaviruses too. And when not reading up literature, I'm leaning towards wine and bad TV.


Djoshkun "JoJo" Shengjuler, PhD
Macedonia, Turkey

Postdoctoral Fellow
Publications | Email | Twitter

I did my PhD in biochemistry at Penn State University and am now diving into the biology of rhinoviruses. Between experiments, I'm competing with Marco on can get in the most workouts in a week.

Dinh Tran

PhD student
| Email |

I completed my Master's and am back for my PhD. I'll be working on defective viral genomes and other aspects of the biology of chikungunya virus. Outside of the lab, I love to cook all kinds of foods (savory not sweet).

Ferdinand Roesch, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
Publications | Email | Twitter

I've done a PhD in the Schwartz group at Pasteur and a postdoc in the Emerman lab at Hutch. I'm now working on studying the next emerging arboviruses. Outside the lab, I'm into cats - like weird-cat-lady level into cats.


Emna Achouri
France, Tunisia

Bioinformatics Engineer
| Email | Twitter

I am part of the Bioinformatics Hub of Institut Pasteur, and I'm embedded in the Vignuzzi lab, helping to develop new tools for analysis. I am also the lab's Cookie Monster.


Marie-Line Joffret

Research Engineer
| Email | Twitter

I am an engineer in the WHO Collaborative Centre for Enteroviruses and Viral Vaccines. I work alongside Maël, with the World Health Organization, to respond to new cases of polio, vaccine-related polio emergences and other enterovirus emergences from around the globe. I have skillful hands both at the bench and in the garden, I can make anything grow.



Prof. Mark Denison, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA

Prof. Britt Glaunsinger, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA

Prof. Ben tenOever, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY, USA

Prof. Laura Fabris, Rutgers University, NJ, USA

Prof. Carolina Lopez-Zalaquett, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA


Lark Coffey (USA), now assistant professor at UC Davis

Cyril Barbezange (France), now Scientist at the Belgian Scientific Institute for Public Health, Brussels

Antonio Borderia (Spain), now Project Manager in IGDA, Institut Pasteur

Kenny Stapleford (USA), now assistant professor at NYU

Bryan Mounce (USA), now assistant professor at Loyola University, Chicago

James Weger Lucarelli (USA), now assistant professor at Virginia Tech

Gonzalo Moratorio (Uruguay), now assistant professor at University of the Republic and Institut Pasteur Montevideo


Nina Gnädig (Germany), now postdoc at Columbia University, NYC

Kathryn Rozen-Gagnon (USA), now postdoc at Rockefeller University, NYC

Enzo Poirier (France), now postdoc at The Crick Institute, London

Rasmus Henningsson (Sweden)

J Boussier (France)

Lucia Carrau (Uruguay)

Laura Levi (France)


Yasnee Beeharry (Mauritius)

Alexandre Ghounaris (France)

Peter Jan Hooikaas (Netherlands)

Teresa Cesaro (Italy)

Dinh Tran (France)

Valentin Dietlin-Auril (France)

Our favorite links for Parisian food and drinks

If you know Marco and his lab, you'll know that good food and great drinks are what makes life worth living. Here are some of our favorite spots in town:

L'Avant Comptoir, a collection of stand-up only French small plates (kind of like tapas) wine bar and foodie counters in the Odeon district. And the sit-down Comptoir restaurant next door is one of the originals in the New Bistrot movement that has taken Paris by storm. There are now three of them in the same neighborhood, check them all out for different menus!

Frenchie - Restaurant, Wine Bar and To Go, this guy is a genius and all three places are worth every minute spent there.

Cantine California, there's a traveling food truck and a sit-in restaurant (in the Arts et Métiers district) that makes perfect burgers and tacos.

Le Fumoir, a gentle(wo)man's bar across the street from the Louvre, one of the best places to get American-style cocktails, and a great Brunch.

Le Rosebud, the perfect bar for cold winter nights and warming bourbon cocktails, the favorite drinking haunt of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre, on rue Delambre in the Montparnasse district.

Hexagone Coffee, the newest addition to the developing artisinal coffee scene in Paris, on rue du Chateau in the 14th.

Loustic Café, a fantastic coffee house in the 3rd arrondissement.

Boot Café, one of Paris' best cappuccinos served from a converted shoe cobbler's shop.

Jean Hwang Carrant Cookies, bringing the best home-made organic cookies to Paris, in the Montorgueil/rue du Nil area.

Marché des Enfants Rouges, my favorite outdoor food market, for groceries and food stands.

Le Timbre, a sweet little restaurant of a handful of tables and a small, but perfect, menu.

Paris by Mouth, the go-to guide to good food in Paris.

David Liebovitz, Paris' adopted foodie son who has eyes on everything good and delicious.

The Vignuzzi Lab Country Retreat

Located in the heart of Burgundy, the village of Noyers-sur-Serein is a hidden gem on the official list of France's 100 most beautiful villages. The medieval village, under strict architectural protection by heritage laws, showcases over a hundred 12th to 18th century houses clustered around artisan shoppes and artist studios. Located 200km from Paris, the lab frequently retreats to the country house for summer barbecues and pool parties, or winter getaways and the epic Thanksgiving dinner gathering 50 family and friends. Built in 1491, this special house loves to be shared with our friends and colleagues.

Get in touch, or come say hello!

Come for the science, stay for the fun. If you'd like to meet our team or come talk about the work we do, you can find us here:

Unité de Populations Virales et Pathogenèse
Viral Populations and Pathogenesis Unit

Institut Pasteur
28, rue du Dr Roux
75724 Paris cedex 15

Cécile Limouzin, Administrative Assistant
+(33) 1 45 68 88 65

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